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At Synchro², we are passionate about bringing together the world of Artistic Swimming and fashion. The brand is an ode to this amazing sport, formerly known as Synchronized -Synchro- Swimming. As a true Synchro Girl, our founder and main designer, a veteran athlete and member of the national team of Greece, has combined her passion for design and her sports experience to create an innovative apparel line that’s perfect not only for the pool, but for everyday life.

More than that, Synchro² is about spreading a positive message about our sport and provide quality products that represent the world of synchro. Our mission is to offer comfortable and stylish athletic clothes, beachware,  accessories and gifts that stand out and make a Synchro statement.



Synchro² is a unique clothing and accessories brand. Our vibrand collections are inspired by places of the world where Artistic Swimming is celebrated and loved. We strive to capture the spirit of these places in our designs, carefully incorporating details that represent the beauty of artistic swimming.


Each item in our shop is carefully tailored to fit your needs, whether you’re competing, enjoying a day at the beach, workout or just seize the day. Our collections are designed to bring out your best, both on and off the pool deck, and to make you look as good as you feel. Shop Synchro² today and discover the perfect pieces for your active lifestyle.

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